Best Locations to Get Delicious Cakes in Singapore

People who live and work in Singapore are known to have sweet teeth, and like to indulge in a wide variety of local and international sweet treats and desserts. Some of the local favourite desserts include delectable treats such as ice kacang, chendol and bubble tea. Ice kacang (which means beans in Malay) is made […]

Best Funny Gifts to Get in Singapore

In Singapore, gifts are usually presented to family, friends, and loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. This is similar to the practice in most other countries. Some of the common gifts that are given are usually items that are utilised at home. These include photo frames, utensils, glassware, keychains, plates, food, and more. However, […]

Is it Possible to Exercise After Cosmetic Surgery?

Exercise and high intensity cardio activities are integral in improving the quality of your health and life. But what if you choose to improve your overall appearance by going for Korean jaw surgery or a facelift? Will you be able to resume your normal exercise routine after your cosmetic surgery? This is one of the […]

Best Places for Online Groceries Delivery in Singapore

With the proliferation of technology and the Government’s rapid expansion into the digital space, Singapore has seen a rapid increase in online shopping over the last decade. Many Singaporeans now prefer to shop for their items, clothes, electronics and more online, and from the convenience of their homes or offices. A particularly essential market that […]