Tips to Make Your Office Safer during and after Covid-19

This year, the world has been faced by global pandemic, COVID-19. The virus has created a remarkable effect on how we work and live. Many companies have been forced to shut down, and with the infection cases declining in some parts of the world, people have started to resume work but under precaution to avoid […]

Simple Shopping Tips for Petite Ladies

Do you feel a tad envious every time you see all those models in magazines and on the runways perfectly pulling off their outfits? When you are on the petite end of the height spectrum, shopping for clothes is easier said than done. Maxi dresses turn into semi-long gowns for you and you simply cannot […]

The Best Women Smart Casual Dressing Guide

You might think that all the celebrities look fantastic because they have designers helping them out, but that’s not true. Dressing, according to the women smart casual code, isn’t a challenging job. In fact, all it takes is a little bit of the thought process and understanding of the event. To master the smart casual […]

How to Keep your Mind Open to Achieve Success

A mind closed is like an ineffective parachute. The mind should be open to function, like a parachute. A closed mind – or its worse complement, a hard, emotionless heart – is the greatest obstacle to personal growth. In fact, it is one of the most detrimental obstructions to your personal success. It makes you […]